Democratizing Kubernetes: The State of Shifting Left in 2024

Kubernetes ushered in a new era in cloud-native, with the promise of high availability, scalability, and portability – and the industry rushed to embrace and adopt this huge leap forward. However, the sad reality is that many orgs fail to own Kubernetes and end up getting owned by Kubernetes. 

To understand the direction of Kubernetes for 2024, we asked 300 seasoned enterprise cloud-based professionals to share their insight, experiences, challenges and successes. This survey dives into what shifting left in Kubernetes means for today’s enterprises while asking (and answering!) some of the most important questions like: 

  • What is motivating the K8s shift left movement in the first place?
  • Why is that 86% of companies are struggling to shift-left their Kubernetes Operations? 
  • What is the secret for the 14% who are happy with their results? 

And more…!

*This report was administered online by Global Surveyz Research, a global research firm.