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Elevate Your Kubernetes Experience.

Kubernetes was supposed to foster agility and velocity.
But in real life a handful of Kube-savvy experts carry all the burden of maintenance,
while developer efficiency and productivity take a nose-dive

How Does Komodor Do It?
Making Kubernetes Dev-Friendly

Mission Control for Applications

Give your developers an app-centric, digested view of the services they own along with every relevant data. Complete with actionable insights and scorecards to optimize reliability and resource utilization.

Flatten the Learning Curve

Democratize DevOps knowledge and dramatically reduce the barrier of entry for Kubernetes. Increase e2e ownership by enabling developers to independently monitor, operate, and troubleshoot their applications.

Abstract Complexity, Expose Functionality

Whether you’re running workloads on EKS, GKE, or AKS, Komodor is all the K8s your developers need to know. Provide a unified Multi-cluster, multi-cloud view of all K8s events and resources distilled into a simple, coherent dashboard with a chronological timeline.

Stay In Control

Enforce best practices and optimize reliability with Komodor’s actionable insights and scorecards. Exert governance across clusters with Komodor’s granular RBAC settings and extensive
audit trail.

92% Higher customer satisfaction metrics.

Good DevEx helps drive faster software release cycles, allowing companies to realize benefits such as shorter time-to-revenue or higher Net Promoter Score.

95% Increased developer productivity.

More than 3 in 5 respondents say that the complexity associated with managing Kubernetes inhibits their developers’ productivity and experience.

88% Revenue growth.

Nearly half of respondents have already seen revenue growth, enhanced developer productivity, and developer job satisfaction improvements from their DevEx investments.

75% of tech executives agree that

The developer experience is important / very important to business strategy execution.

75% of tech executives agree that

Our ability to compete in our markets is directly related to our ability to release quality software more quickly.

69% of tech executives agree that

A good developer experience results in a better end-user/ customer experience.

Source: Forrester 2022 Report – Elevating the Developer Experience

Take it From Our Happy Customers

“The biggest benefit for me and my team is the amount of self-service it provides our developers. They no longer have to ask our operations team for help with any problems or questions. It allows them to interact with their Kubernetes clusters, get alerts, and see what is going on without giving them direct access to Kubernetes.“

“This was huge for us! We’ve created dedicated, actionable dashboards for Team applications or possibly Domain applications and assigned them to teams, who could now quickly see what they’re responsible for, increasing ownership across all pieces of their app.”

"Komodor has been a valuable addition to our K8s toolkit. It has allowed us to easily manage and troubleshoot our clusters, greatly reducing the load on our DevOps while making our developers more efficient.