Simplified Kubernetes for Developers

Manage. Observe. Troubleshoot.

Trusted by dev & ops teams worldwide:

Kubernetes expertise built-in

  • Best practices for configurations
  • Automated troubleshooting
  • Kubernetes concepts explained
  • Out of the box alerting


Application Management Simplified

  • Simply run day-to-day operations like restarting a service, rolling back to 
a previous version, modifying resource requests/limits, etc.
  • Control more complex configurations by editing resources, manifests & config files.
  • Validate your Kubernetes configurations with real-time feedback for best practices.


Cross-cluster Visibility

  • Don't get tangled in kubectl commands. Get the missing K8s UI.
  • Easily explore your K8s resources across clusters from a single pane of glass.
  • Watch metrics & logs, and inspect resources in real-time.


Automated and Guided

  • View the entire history of changes and alerts to quickly correlate issues.
  • Instantly know if an issue is infrastructure or app-related.
  • Tap into built-in Kubernetes expertise to automatically understand potential root causes.
  • Simplified summaries explain what to do next to resolve issues.

What users are saying

"Komodor completely superseded kubectl in my daily routine. I don’t have to fire up a VPN, keep kubeconfigs on my laptop, and parse kubectl text output with my eyes."

Oleksii Golubinskyi

Senior Software Developer, FISPAN

“I regularly use Komodor to check deployment results and the health status of services. It’s really nice to have the status and the last logs from a service I’m troubleshooting, all in one place. I really love that.”

Juan Mejia

Software Engineering Manager, Bitso

“Using Komodor, one of the developers on my team discovered that the flux controller for image automation was running out of space. He was able to pinpoint the problem in minutes despite having no K8s knowledge.”

Thomas N.

Sr. Software Engineer, F500 company

Quick Start

It doesn’t matter if you’re using managed, unmanaged/on-prem Kubernetes clusters - Komodor works with any Kubernetes flavor.

  • 5-minute setup
  • Immediate value