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Fix Things Fast.

Kubernetes was supposed to be self-healing and highly available.

But enterprise-scale systems in real life are curbed by inefficient bottlenecks, expensive downtime, and missed SLAs.

How Does Komodor Do It?
Turning Troubleshooting Chaos Into Clarity

Less Noise, More Context

Let Komodor monitor all your K8s events and metrics across multi-cluster and multi-cloud, and consume digested data through a single UI. Detect issues on time with enriched alerts (when they really matter), and instantly triage with context.

Troubleshooting Co-Pilot

Give your engineers a guided investigation experience to independently understand K8s issues, map the impact, and identify the root-cause, with auto-generated step by step playbooks.

A Golden Path to Remediation

Enable developers to take swift remediation actions like; rollback, restart, scale, port-forward, and pod-exec, while maintaining governance with extensive RBAC and auditing capabilities. All seamlessly through Komodor’s K8s Platform.

Optimize for Reliability

Prevent recurring issues with actionable insights. Komodor continuously scans your clusters to provide scorecards and suggestions to improve best practices, availability, and
resource utilization.

$33.8 million

Average annual loss due to time spent on troubleshooting
performance related issues

Productivity drain

77% Of developers described the impact of monitoring capabilities on their productivity and experience as “Very Strong”

Loss of Velocity

65% of delays in releases of digital services
are due to inability to identify root cause of
performance issues

Take it From Our Happy Customers

“With Komodor, we were able to finally gain visibility into our nodes, and use our engineering resources properly, instead of wasting so much time on troubleshooting. It used to take us hours to detect a faulty node, and by the time we did, it would’ve already affected other resources.”

“This step by step helps a lot. Before, developers only checked the logs and ignored what's happening with the node, or the correlated deploys. Now they know what to check, helping us get connect the dots”

"The event timeline has been super helpful, enabling us to overlay node events in the same timeline as deployment events... That helps an engineer very quickly troubleshoot without having to do too much digging."