Komodor tracks changes and alerts across your complete K8s-based stack, analyzing their ripple effect and then providing devs, DevOps and SRE teams the context they need to troubleshoot efficiently. Independently.

5-minute installation

Immediate value

Leverages your existing stack

”Komodor is one of those tools that you can not stop and wonder how it didn’t exist before. From the insightful slack notifications, the high-level services view, and up to the finest details – like the actual K8s code diff. It is a complete game-changer for us”

Yuri Yeshurin

Software Architect



“After a five minutes installation, Komodor was able to show us exactly the info needed for troubleshooting – who changed what and when for any deployment in our cluster. It’s the most intuitive way to handle our system reliability.”

Eran Bibi

R&D Director, DevOps & SaaS Platform


Aqua Security

“Komodor transforms our troubleshooting process completely. From a chaotic process, which involved far too many people and took far too much time, we can have one platform to troubleshoot fast and independently.“

Amir Daniely

Cloud Operations Team Leader



“Komodor has simplified our troubleshooting process substantially, and now our engineers can troubleshoot fast and independently on a single platform“

Dudi Cohen

VP of Research and Development



“Komodor provides the high visibility needed to troubleshoot efficiently. It is a valuable tool in the modern DevOps tool suite“

Elhay Efrat

Advance Analytics DevOps Technical leader (ML expert)



Turning troubleshooting chaos into clarity

Today’s microservices systems are complex, distributed and they are constantly changing. Keeping track of so many moving parts in so many places often seems nearly impossible!

Komodor is the missing piece in your DevOps tool chain – offering one unified platform from which you can gain a deep understanding of all of your system events, changes and their effect.

Keep building.
We’ve got your back.

Empower on-call teams

Make the knowledge and expertise that has traditionally been held by only a few, clear and visible to Dev and SRE teams.

Understand your Kubernetes

Gain the K8s visibility you are lacking. See your deployments on a timeline with the relevant information: what changed, what code was pushed and by whom.

Track your system end-to-end

View data from your Git, config, infra, alerting and other tools, in one centralized and easy-to-understand display.

Uncovering the context

Troubleshoot your microservices based on the most relevant context, connections and dependencies.

Gain overall control and visibility

Troubleshooting is HARD. Komodor provides you with the data you need, when you need it. For each service, Komodor displays a coherent view, including relevant deployments, config changes, and alerts.

Full activity timeline, including code and config changes, deployments and alerts

Blind spots that used to be impossible to find

A complete drill-down to your K8s diff

Understand services dependencies

In a microservices-based environment, service and its dependencies are constantly changing and any code change in one service can break several other services. Komodor makes it easy to understand these connections and how the changes affect the system as a whole. With Komodor, you can slice service data and relations according to team, group, business unit and more, in order to see what’s really happening under the hood and to:

Uncover related services

Easily understand cross-service changes

View the data insights that are most relevant for troubleshooting

We gather data from your existing stack

Let us watch the fort and notify you when something goes awry

Komodor anticipates and identifies the hazardous situations that are just around the corner, helping you prevent them from disrupting your service and hurting your end users, such as:

Failed deployments

Unhealthy services

Kubernetes misconfigurations

Streamline with Slack

We enrich alerts with details about the relevant changes that took place, severity levels & potential impact, helping you speed up response time.
With Komodor you can:

Reduce alert noise

Triage instantly on Slack

Leverage Slackbot capabilities

What will Komodor do for your business?

Increase business velocity

Optimize the troubleshooting process and free your devs-on-call to focus on their daily strategic work. Innovate faster without increasing operational risk.

Increase performance and availability

Detect and resolve issues to prevent escalation. Enable any on-call developer to quickly uncover root causes and get the right teams involved for rapid resolution.

Save on costs and scale smoothly

Manage your ever-growing system complexity, change frequency and alert volume without having to grow headcount and without an increasing burnout rate. Boost resolution rates, involve fewer people in the process and release DevOps bottlenecks seamlessly.

Troubleshoot intelligently

5-minute installation

Immediate value

Leverages your existing stack