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Do We Still Need to “Observe”? The Future of AI & O11y

9 min read

In this talk, we’ll discuss how the latest & greatest AI capabilities are going to change the observability world as we know it.


Komodor Levels Up with New GTM Leadership!

2 min read

This month, Jim Hunnewell has joined us as CRO, and Amy Ariel has joined us as CMO.


Let’s Go Backstage: E2E IDP Tips & Tricks for Platform Engineers

14 min read

In this talk, we'll take a look at why IDPs are gaining popularity, and Backstage has become the OSS tool of choice for building developer platforms.

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10 KubeCon EU 2024 Talks We’re Excited About  

6 min read

With KubeCon EU 2024 just around the corner and Kubernetes marking its 10-year anniversary, we decided to round up the 10 most exciting, must-see KubeCon sessions that you should definitely not miss!


ArgoCD vs FluxCD vs Jenkins X – Battle of Declarative GitOps Tools

13 min read

This article explores the concept of GitOps, and compares between the leading declarative CI/CD tools in the market.


Handling Networking Errors in Kubernetes

6 min read

This article explains how to handle and prevent Kubernetes networking errors. While some of these issues can be frustrating and time-consuming to troubleshoot, proper handling can significantly reduce system downtime and improve your Kubernetes deployment’s overall performance and reliability.

Komodor Joins Forces with Cisco FSO to Elevate Kubernetes Management to New Heights

2 min read

We're excited to announce our integration with Cisco Full-Stack Observability (FSO). This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Kubernetes Continuous Reliability, bringing together the best of both worlds to redefine Kubernetes management.


Configuration as Code: Everything Developers Need to Know

8 min read

Delve into practical examples demonstrating the application of CaC in Kubernetes and gain a hands-on understanding.


Team Komodor Does Klustered with David Flannagan (AKA Rawkode)

13 min read

An elite DevOps team from Komodor takes on the Klustered challenge; can they fix a maliciously broken Kubernetes cluster using only the Komodor platform? Let's find out!