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How Can Komodor Transform Your Org?

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Increased Productivity


Reduced MTTR


Improved Velocity


Lower Kubernetes Costs

Democratize Kubernetes to Achieve
Continuous Reliability

Tame Kubernetes Complexity

Kubernetes is your organization’s most valued IT resource, with direct impact on both the application and infrastructure layers, as well as on business goals. As your system scales up, complexity grows exponentially, and Kubernetes turns into a sprawling estate that requires continuous optimization and management.

Effectively Manage Kubernetes Reliability

Proactively manage your reliability posture with actionable insights and customizable scorecards:

  • Cluster Maintenance: Keep your clusters healthy and up to date with proactive monitoring of EoL versions, deprecated APIs, outdated Helm charts, and 3rd-party integrations.
  • Node Pressure: Detect noisy neighbors or under-provisioned workloads, and reallocate resources to prevent infrastructure issues down the line.
  • Degraded Services: Ensure app availability by identifying alarming CPU throttling trends, and assessing if a Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) consistently met its maximum capacity over time.
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Revolutionize Your Troubleshooting Experience

Reduce MTTR and alert fatigue by empowering developers to independently detect, investigate and remediate issues with:

  • OOTB Monitors for Every K8s Resource:
    Get ready-to-use monitors for Kubernetes resources and workloads, streamlining the setup process and enabling immediate oversight of your system's performance
  • Guided Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Experience:
    Komodor demystifies complex Kubernetes issues, providing clear, context-aware guidance that tailors the troubleshooting steps to a specific problem.
  • OpenAI Integration for Log Analysis & Quick RC Detection:
    Integration with OpenAI enhances log analysis, allowing for the rapid identification of anomalies and patterns that could indicate underlying issues.
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Optimize Your Costs & Performance

Start thinking about ‘smart availability’ with Komodor striking the balance between performance and cost effectiveness:

  • Cost tracking and allocation on multi-tenant clusters:
    Streamline Kubernetes cost management by tracking and allocating expenses, analyzing trends for efficiency insights, and promoting organizational accountability and transparency.
  • Resource right sizing & idle resources elimination:
    Achieve cost-efficiency by analyzing real-time usage, adjusting resources, removing idleness, and applying the optimal strategy for each environment with a single click.
  • Dynamic optimization strategies:
    Komodor allows you to dynamically adjust the levels of optimization from ‘mild’ to ‘aggressive’ to fit your changing needs.
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  • Immediate value
  • 5-minute setup
  • Seamless integration
  • SSO, RBAC & audit logs

The Value of Komodor:

10x Your Entire Engineering Org


  • Efficient, productive & happy
  • Increased deployment velocity & frequency
  • Self-service & autonomy


  • Less friction & toil
  • Reduced MTTR & increased uptime
  • Elite standardization


  • Cost-effective cloud spend
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Rapid innovation at scale

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Hear From Our Happy Customers:

Senior SRE 

My advice would be don't overthink it. It was so easy to onboard. It's definitely worth it in the long run. The great thing about it, and this speaks volumes about the organization and the product they have made, is that it does a great job running itself, and the users are very happy with it.

Online restaurant-reservation service company

Landon Orr

Principle SRE
Komodor has significantly sped up development process by taking the operations team out of the loop, having a huge impact on our development velocity and end-to-end ownership, from development to deployment and monitoring.


Gidi Kalef

DevOps Group Manager
Komodor has been a valuable addition to our K8s toolkit. It has allowed us to easily manage and troubleshoot our clusters, greatly reducing the load on our DevOps while making our developers more efficient.


Mark Davydov

Director of Development Operations, Workiz
The initial setup was very straightforward and only took two minutes. The more time we use Komodor the more we save. Currently, we have seen around a ten percent return on investment.

Carsten Skov

DevOps Engineer, Nemlig.com
There were things that simply weren't apparent to us before we saw the issue in Komodor. It has been immensely helpful for us whenever we've had network problems or other such issues.

Ran Landau

CTO, SplitIt
With Komodor's new capabilities around Helm management and auditable actions, we can empower our developers and enable them to operate K8s independently, increasing end-to-end ownership, system security, and velocity.

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Komodor’s agent doesn’t transfer any PII or sensitive data,and allows you to control which data is uploaded.