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Control Who Can
Do What, Where Across Your Kubernetes Applications

Empower your developers to own their Kubernetes applications, without losing sleep.

Supports all Kubernetes distributions:

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Guardrails vs. Permissions:

How can you empower your developers and minimize your burden, while adhering to security standards and maintaining control of your Kubernetes environment? With Komodor, you can democratize Kubernetes without the risk of chaos. Break free from these endless cycles by granting minimal, scoped developer access while maintaining visibility and control over actions taken.

“With Komodor’s new capabilities and auditable actions, we can empower our developers and enable them to operate K8s independently, increasing end-to-end ownership, system security, and velocity”

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We use Komodor to allow developers to interact with their Kubernetes clusters, get alerts, and see what is going on without giving them direct access to Kubernetes.

Every time we have needed to refer to the audit log to see what has changed, it has been very detailed. It is exactly what we need and it works very well.

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We were apprehensive about integrating Komodor into our fully GitOps environment. However, with Koamodor’s robust RBAC we finely control actions RBAC in prod & dev, and  remain agile yet secure, without sleepless nights.

Governance Tailored to Enterprise Demands

Seamlessly Control Access

& Govern User Permissions & Activities With Ease

  • Streamline access with SAML-based Single-Sign-On (SSO) integrations with all relevant identity providers
  • Reduce the burden of manually configuring Role-Based-Access-Controls (RBAC) with a detailed, fine-grained solution
  • Keep track of your configurations effortlessly with a centralized, cross-cluster view
  • Choose out-of-the-box policies & roles or customize your own, to fit your precise needs and ensure each user has the appropriate level of access
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Continuously Monitor

With Detailed, Easily Accessible Audit Logs

  • Identify risky permissions and potential threats & adjust access controls accordingly
  • Avoid time-consuming whodunit investigation - quickly understand what happened with an easy-to-pull, comprehensive trail of activity & user interactions
  • Effortlessly prove compliance with internal security policies, review processes, GDPR, and regulatory requirements
  • Foster an accountability-based culture within your organization, promoting transparency and visibility 
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Identify Security Risks

With Built-In Best Practices Compliance Checks

  • Detect and address misconfigurations, security vulnerabilities and potential risks
  • Verify and enforce least privilege access controls are applied to minimize the risk of unauthorized access
  • Ensure users cannot edit their roles or access resources they no longer need
  • Maintain high security standards & highlight opportunities for improvement
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Why Komodor?

Radically improve governance by establishing Komodor as the only Kubernetes gateway for your developers

Reduce Kubectl Usage

Developers can access their clusters and manage their resources with Komodor’s intuitive GUI

Exec Into a Pod

When all else fails, enable your developers to SSH, with precise guardrails

Protect Your Prod Env

Grant developers with minimal access customized per environment

Meet Enterprise Needs

Protect sensitive data and easily adhere to policies, reviews and regulations

Minimize Manual Labor

Enjoy seamless SSO integration, easy access to audit trails and detailed RBAC without breaking a sweat