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Optimize Your Kubernetes Costs

Minimize the costs of your Kubernetes resources.
Earn back your Komodor investment and more!

Supports all Kubernetes distributions:

The Cost Optimization Solution You Need

As your Kubernetes usage grows, so do your cloud costs, and managing them across multiple teams and applications becomes challenging. Komodor’s cost optimization suite ensures visibility, optimization and responsible Kubernetes growth without compromising on performance, all from the same Kubernetes platform you know and love.

To contain spending waste and pursue opportunities to lower costs, organizations must implement continuous cost optimization processes. Cost optimization requires visibility of metrics on the utilization, performance and cost of cloud services. Gartner recommends against building your own cost optimization tools due to the high complexity that goes with it.

Maximize Cost Efficiency While Enhancing Performance

Gain Visibility

& Allocate Costs Across Your K8s Environment

  • Track your Kubernetes cost structure and resource consumption
  • Allocate cost per business unit, team, environment, and applications
  • Spot trends and gain valuable insights by analyzing your costs over time
  • Easily understand your cost efficiency and potential savings
  • Encourage accountability and transparency

Optimize Costs

Rightsize the Perfect Balance Between Costs & Consumption

  • Analyze real-time usage against requirements
  • Review and add missing requests and limits
  • Identify and eliminate idle resources
  • Select the right optimization strategy per environment
  • Apply recommendations in just one click - and save time, headaches & dollars

Ensure Reliability

Monitor the Impact of Your Optimization

  • Proactively monitor optimized resources to ensure continuous operations
  • Flag availability and out-of-memory issues or CPU throttling
  • Get alerts to your ticketing and IM applications
  • Avoid silos - connect the dots between performance and costs in one place

Why Komodor?

Assume end-to-end application ownership across costs and performance:

360 Degrees of Visibility

Gain comprehensive insights into your usage, costs, performance & availability

Correlate the Dots

Track changes over time in performance & cost and make informed decisions

Unified solution

Centralized tracking for multi-cloud, hybrid & multi-tenant clusters

Zero Effort

No overhead, burden, additional
costs or installations