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Amazon EKS

A managed Kubernetes service to run Kubernetes in the AWS cloud and on-premises data centers.

In the cloud,

Amazon EKS automatically manages the availability and scalability of the Kubernetes control plane nodes responsible for scheduling containers, managing application availability, storing cluster data, and other key tasks.


EKS provides a consistent, fully-supported Kubernetes solution with integrated tooling and simple deployment to AWS Outposts, virtual machines, or bare metal servers.

What’s holding you back? 

The fear of migrating mission-critical workloads is hindering you from going full cloud-native and expanding your consumption of AWS services.

Day 2 Kubernetes operations are complex

  • More than 50% of organizations agree that they’ve underestimated the complexity of Kubernetes.
  • Your Kubernetes experts might be able to handle it, what about the rest of your Engineering org?

Troubleshooting requires expertise

  • Running on EKS requires visibility into the health and performance of your applications and infrastructure, with no best practices

Hiring skilled DevOps is hard - onboarding is harder

Komodor simplifies Kubernetes,
fully eliminating the fear of day 2 operations

Komodor provides an additional abstraction so your developers can successfully, operate, run, and own their applications—without knowing what Kubernetes or EKS are, or that they’re running under the hood.

With Komodor, you can get a comprehensive view of your Kubernetes environment, from the cluster level to the pod level, infrastructure to the application.

Komodor allows you to access rich contextual data, such as logs, metrics, traces, and events, troubleshoot incidents, and optimize your Kubernetes resources.

Komodor perfectly complements AWS & EKS

Komodor is SaaS solution running on EKS and available on the AWS Marketplace, with ncremental value across all Kubernetes pillars and needs.


  • Komodor allows you to inspect, visualize and search all of your EKS resources within a single click


  • Quickly detect, investigate, and remediate incidents across the AWS cloud, infra, or application.


  • Komodor offers robust RBAC & audit capabilities to easily manage and track access.

Better together

Zero frustration

Reduce the frustration that most feel when migrating workloads to Kubernetes

Minimum expertise

Run and deploy applications on top on top of Kubernetes & EKS with speed, ease, and confidence

Immediate Value

Total Game Changer for your Developers | Time Saver for your Kubernetes experts

“Komodor's partnership with AWS provides the best of both worlds. EKS offers the best-hosted Kubernetes and highly available service, while Komodor supplements it with the best-in-class dev-first Kubernetes platform. EKS allows you to scale the infra easily, while Komodor scales your Kubernetes capabilities. We are thrilled to collaborate with the AWS team and continue to innovate together”

Itiel Schwartz,

CTO & Co-founder