Empower Your Developers
to Operate Kubernetes Applications

Meet your Kubernetes needs & move faster with Komodor’s intuitive GUI, unique visibility & automation

Supports all Kubernetes distributions:

Daily Kubernetes Operations, Simplified.

It's time to transform your Kubernetes application operations! With Komodor, developers can finally own their applications end-to-end and develop and deploy as fast as they'd like. Actionable insights to improve reliability, enforce best-practices, and optimize costs. No more waiting on other teams - All the data developers need, no redundant data from services they don’t own.

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Pretty much right when we went live and presented it to the users, they were happy immediately. And every time we’ve shown it a screenshot, people always say, “Wow. What tool is that and how do I get into it?” It has been nothing but a delight for all of our engineers from day one

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Komodor combined five or six observability tools into one, which was a big selling point for us. It replaced our need for a separate tool for logs, metrics, and alerts. Komodor has had the biggest impact on our developers: it has given them the ability that they did not have before.

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We were really early to adopt Kubernetes for obvious reasons, but it wasn’t until we introduced Komodor to our dev team that we were finally able to enjoy the promised benefits of K8s.

Capture Application Highlights & Insights Across Clusters

Zoom In on What Matters

Single Pane of Glass to Understand Your Next Steps

  • Maximize situational awareness with easy app management access
  • Narrow down your view to application issues that require your attention
  • Unlock actionable performance & costs insights
  • Track trends - Is your efficiency getting better or worse?
  • Assess risks and opportunities, such as your best practices compliance
  • Filter out overwhelming clusters and avoid the data overload

Visualize Events & Trends

with Komodor’s Unique Change Intelligence

  • Understand your service status & configuration, real-time and historical
  • Go back in time to analyze deleted resources & past deployments
  • Connect your existing stack to view custom events
  • Capture all relevant changes & events on a centralized view & timeline
  • Avoid manually correlating different events using multiple tools
  • Identify trends in resource allocation & consumption

1 Click to Browse

Even if You’re Just Getting Started with Kubernetes

  • Navigate your resources without learning complex kubectl commands
  • Immediately understand your application’s status & health
  • Gather live, real-time data & log streams, enriched with historical context
  • Dive deep into a resource to gather additional details, logs & metrics
  • Search, filter, categorize and label to simplify resource access

2 Clicks to Act

Even If You Don’t Remember Any Kubectl Commands

  • Execute actions against your resource in-platform - or delete them
  • Set up port forwarding or initiate a pod shell
  • Close the loop of your workflows directly within Komodor
  • Remain accountable for your actions with a detailed audit trail

Unique Visibility into Everything K8s, for:

Unique Visibility into Everything K8s, for Developers:

  • Humans
  • Developers
  • Infrastructure Teams


Manage apps through a single pane of glass, regardless of the number of clusters


Access historical data of past events and deleted pods

Change Intelligence

Overlay node events in the same timeline as pod and deployment events

Unified Solution

Quickly inspect or dive deep - without hopping between tools

Zero Training Needed

Start using Komodor’s intuitive GUI immediately, no “How To” needed

No K8s Expertise Required

Gain required visibility, even if you don’t know much about your deploys & logging  

Developer Experience

Built by developers, for developers.
Zoom in on your application

No Bottlenecks

Move fast, independently & confidently, without waiting on ops

Limit Kubernetes Access

Enable your developers to interact with clusters without direct access to Kubernetes

Operate Your Helm Charts

View status for all helm charts installed, move between them or dive deep

Manage Your CRDs

View all Custom Resource Definitions and their related resources

Get Work Done

Empower your developers. Focus on your projects instead of their requests