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Spinning Up a Cluster is Easy. Managing K8s Reliability is HARD.

Ensure smooth Kubernetes operations and manage reliability at scale in multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Prevent critical issues by addressing infrastructure, application and maintenance risks.

Kubernetes Complexity is Killing Innovation

As you scale up your infrastructure, the complexity level of your Kubernetes estate will grow exponentially as well. Moving fast while maintaining the health and reliability of more than a dozen clusters is virtually impossible without diverting engineering resources from innovation to maintenance.

Komodor has been pivotal in streamlining our Kubernetes operations. Their platform not only improved our RTO and RPO but also fostered a proactive, shift-left culture within our teams, empowering developers to catch and resolve issues earlier in the development lifecycle. This reduced the frequency of production errors and significantly boosted reliability across the system. 

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Komodor’s Engine for Continuous Kubernetes Reliability

Never worry about cluster upgrades again

Proactively monitor each cluster's End-of-Life status, as well as it’s associated APIs. Ensure your infrastructure remains up-to-date and compliant, while preventing potential issues from occurring.

  • Monitor cluster versions and alert on EoL status
  • Detect deprecated or removed APIs
  • Streamline cluster maintenance, and free up time to focus on strategic initiatives

Optimize your infrastructure for performance & efficiency

Identify and resolve resource contention issues swiftly. Auto-detect over-utilized nodes and under-provisioned workloads with recommendations for resource reallocation.

  • Detect noisy neighbors and under-provisioned workloads
  • Prevent node pressure with dynamic remidiation recommendations

Always know if and when pod restarts are an issue 

Komodor stops incidents in their tracks by proactively flagging suspicious container restarts, and suggesting configurations adjustments.

  • Identify alarming CPU throttling trends
  • Assess if an HPA consistently met its maximum capacity over time

Why Komodor?

Innovation at Scale

Focus on impactful projects & strategic initiatives instead of housekeeping

Reduce K8s Complexity

Unified multi
cluster/cloud/hybrid view

Increase Uptime

Detect risky trends & flaky services before they affect your end-users

Streamline Operations

Cluster upgrades & daily maintenance made easy

Smart Correlations

Automatically detect and correlate app & infra issues