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Turn Troubleshooting Chaos into Clarity

Empower your developers to confidently troubleshoot K8s-related incidents

Supports multi-cloud and on-prem:


Bridging the Application-Infrastructure Kubernetes Gap

In today’s ecosystem, there are countless tools available for observability and monitoring. However, these tools fail to effectively speak developer language. This results in slowed down, dependent developers, and overwhelmed infrastructure teams buried in tickets. With Komodor’s intelligent & opinionated dev-first solution, you can turn hours of troubleshooting into minutes. Easily detect, investigate and remediate incidents so you can turn your focus back to driving innovation at scale.

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Komodor has saved a significant amount of time on troubleshooting. In the past, if there was an issue, we would have to dive through logs and look at five or six different tools to try to pinpoint the problem. This could take hours, but with Komodor, it now takes minutes. Overall, Komodor has had a positive impact on our day-to-day operations by freeing up developers and saving time on troubleshooting.

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Pretty much right when we went live and presented it to the users, they were happy immediately. And every time we’ve shown it a screenshot, people always say, “Wow. What tool is that and how do I get into it?”.
It has been nothing but a delight for all of our engineers from day one.

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We were able to finally gain visibility into our nodes, and use our engineering resources properly, instead of wasting so much time on troubleshooting

Your Intelligent Troubleshooting Experience, Step by Step

Auto Detect

Emerging Issues Before They Spread Out

  • Identify Kubernetes anomalies, failed deploys, misconfigurations, availability issues and other health concerns with Komodor’s out-of-the-box monitors
  • Determine the health status of your applications and services at a glance
  • Stay ahead of incidents - even without going into Komodor
  • Enrich your alerts with Komodor’s data and context
  • Optimize alerts & minimize noise by customizing Komodor’s smart monitors
  • Reduce mean time to detect, minimizing incidents’ impact


Stay Calm - Even If It’s 2AM or You Don’t Know Where to Start

  • Understand what happened and asses severity & urgency
  • Immediately determine if it’s an application or an infrastructure issue
  • Review similar incidents and historical data on a unified timeline 
  • Understand correlated events towards potential root cause & impact
  • Make informed decisions on the next next steps: continue investigation, escalate, or disregard the incident

Map Impact

& Dependencies with a Real-Time Visual Map

  • Make sense of the countless moving pieces and how they all fit together
  • Understand the dependencies between services & resources
  • Identify the wider impact of a service going down & avoid blindspots
  • Shift Kubernetes left, enabling your developers to own the process


With Komodor’s Step-by-Step Guidance

  • Eliminate guesswork and streamline investigation with Komodor’s intelligent, auto-generated steps
  • Better understand the specific error at hand
  • Review relevant details & insights provided per step
  • Verify correlated deploys with a diff view capturing configuration and code changes
  • Review unhealthy pod events, related logs & other data fetched by Komodor to pinpoint root cause
  • Locate correlated node events that you can escalate to your operations team for further assistance


Apply Komodor’s Recommendations Within Minutes

  • Leverage curated remediation flows to apply straightforward instructions directly within the Komodor platform
  • Solve issues efficiently even without extensive Kubernetes expertise
  • Quickly recover by rolling back changes or applying a hot-fix
  • Resolve problems independently, without creating support tickets
  • When necessary, escalate issues to your infra team, providing valuable context to continue where you left off
  • Acquire valuable Kubernetes knowledge to avoid future incidents

Why Komodor?

Innovate Faster

Expedite K8s troubleshooting & avoid devops bottlenecks

K8s for Humans

Complex Kubernetes errors translated into dev-related terms

No Context Switch

A single unified troubleshooting solution to replace 5-7 different tools

Baked-in Expertise

Everything tracked and analyzed to find patterns and form an opinion

Shifting Left

Independently solve 80% of the issues and own what you’ve built