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Four Months out of Stealth – Komodor Named a Cool Vendor by Gartner!

Today I`m happy to announce that Komodor has just been recognized as a Cool Vendor based on October’s 2021 report titled “Cool Vendors™ in Monitoring and Observability — Modernize Legacy, Prepare for Tomorrow” by Padraig Byrne, Gregg Siegfried, and Venkat Rayapudi.

Being recognized by Gartner came as a bit of surprise, given that Komodor just recently emerged from stealth with a $25Million Series A round.

I mean, who gets recognized by Gartner in their first four months of operation? By all accounts, we should have been just a small blip on their HUGE radar. It seems, however, that our tech and our mission to simplify Kubernetes troubleshooting managed to strike a chord.

Now, we are not in it for bragging rights. Still, getting the ‘Cool Vendor’ seal of approval feels exciting, humbling, and validating, all at the same time. It also feels like the perfect time to spread some of these good vibes around and loudly say ‘Thanks!’ to everyone who supports us on our journey – our customers, our investors, our friends and family, and the awesome team that keeps making Komodor better (and Cooler) with each passing day.

Cool Coincidence

As it happens, the news came in on the exact same day we made a major reveal of our own. That was the day we announced the beta version of Workflows – a new experience within Komodor that automates the process of troubleshooting common K8s errors.

Having Workflows is, in essence, like having a team of Kubernetes reliability elves living under the hood of the Komodor platform. If something goes wrong, these Kubelves get busy running a series of checks, using their Kubernetes knowhow (and – of course – elf wizardry) to correlate their findings and quickly understand exactly what went wrong and how it should be fixed.

Within seconds they will tell you what they think you should do, and why they think you should do it. This essentially empowers any dev to troubleshoot Kubernetes at an expert level, while saving himself and everyone else hours of precious time.

And that’s not all, soon Workflows will have customization features that will enable you to delegate your own task to those elves and direct their actions and decision-making process to fit the needs of your specific environment.

My point is: we have a Free Trial. We are cool, Workflows are cool, Kubelves are very cool and you should check Komodor out!

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