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Automate Kubernetes Troubleshooting

Komodor monitors your entire k8s stack, identifies issues, uncovers their root cause and delivers the context you need to troubleshoot efficiently and independently.

  • 5-minute setup
  • Immediate value
  • Seamless integration
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"Hands down the best troubleshooting tool we have."


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Turn troubleshooting chaos into clarity

  • Our k8s Agent
    Our k8s Agent

    Insight about resources in your clusters

  • CI/CD Tools
    CI/CD Tools

    Insights about code & config changes

  • Monitoring Tools
    Monitoring Tools

    Alert information and system data

  • Incident Management
    Incident Management

    Alert information and incident data

Komodor Brain

  • Monitors

    Tracks system health and notifies about emerging issues

  • Playbooks

    Auto-investigates issues and provides remediation suggestions

  • Insights

    Shows a timeline view and history of all changes

End-to-end solution with k8s expertise baked in


1 Observe

360º Visibility

Gain a clear understanding of all events and dependencies inside of your cluster. Track every deployment, configuration and code change and correlate it with the status of nodes, pods, endpoints and other elements of k8s infrastructure.

Get deeper context with:

  • Timeline view of all app and infra changes

  • Retention of all historical data

  • Filters that help focus on what matter most

  • Multi-cluster and multi-cloud support

Proactive Health Monitoring

2 Detect

Proactive Health Monitoring

Auto-identify k8s anomalies, failed deploys, misconfigurations, bottlenecks and other health issues. Spot emerging problems before they spread out and affect the end-users.

Accelerate incident detection with:

  • Automated monitoring

  • Diagnosis of deep-rooted issues

  • Noise-reducing customizations

  • Integrated notifications

Automatic Investigation

3 Analyze

Automated Investigation

Use ready-made playbooks to streamline root cause analysis, sidestep disruptive escalations and save hours of precious dev time.

Take the guesswork out of incident investigation with:

  • Automated root cause detection

  • Severity and impact analysis

  • Mapping of service dependencies

Assisted Remediation

4 Fix

Assisted Remediation

Provide your teams with straightforward remediation instructions that turn every responder into a troubleshooting expert.

Shift troubleshooting to the left with:

  • Curated remediation flows

  • Informative description of every issue

  • Clear view of the required action

What our customers have to say:

Ryan White TuneIn
Ryan White

VP of Engineering Operations

“With surprisingly little setup, Komodor provided us with a unified view of all changes, and their ripple effect, saving our dev teams valuable time on troubleshooting.”
David de Regt Outreach
David de Regt

Senior Engineering Director

“Komodor immediately helped us track down problems within Kubernetes. We were able to locate issues with legacy services that we'd been wasting countless hours troubleshooting in the past.”
Eran Bibi

R&D Director, DevOps & SaaS Platform

“After a five minutes installation, Komodor was able to show us exactly what we needed for troubleshooting – who changed what and when for any deployment in our cluster.”
AJ Olpin Fispan
AJ Olpin

Lead Cloud Engineering and Data Analytics

“We were able to finally gain visibility into our nodes, and use our engineering resources properly, instead of spending so much time on troubleshooting.”
Yuri Yeshurin SplitIt
Yuri Yeshurin

Software Architect

“Komodor is one of those tools that you can not stop and wonder how it didn’t exist before. It is a complete game-changer for us.”
Amir Daniel Varonis
Amir Daniel

Cloud Operations Team Leader

“From a chaotic process, which involved far too many people and took far too much time, we can have one platform to troubleshoot fast and independently.”
Dudi Cohen Rookout
Dudi Cohen

VP of Research and Development

“Komodor substantially simplified our troubleshooting process and now our engineers can troubleshoot fast and independently on a single platform.”
Juan José Mejia Bitso
Juan José Mejia

Payments Team Lead

“It’s really nice to have the status and the last logs from a service I’m troubleshooting, all in one place. I really love that.”
Elhay Efrat Intel
Elhay Efrat

Advance Analytics DevOps Technical leader (ML expert)

“Komodor provides the high visibility needed to troubleshoot efficiently. It is a valuable tool in the modern DevOps tool suite.”
Mark Davydov

DevOps Team Lead

“With Komodor our developers are able to find out what is the exact reason their deployments failed as soon as they're notified by Komodor, without the need to escalate to infrastructure team members. Another great functionality is the live monitoring of service availability - when you get alerted you can quickly find out what Kubernetes change lead to the issue you're experiencing including a detailed explanation.”