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New ‘Pod Status and Logs’ Dash Saves Time and Unifies Execution

Time is invaluable. Besides being one of those can’t-argue-with universal truths, this is also one of the guiding principles behind Komodor; the promise behind our ‘troubleshooting efficiently and independently’ motto.

‘Pods Status and Logs’ is the latest of our timesaving features that enables you to quickly drill down in the pods of an unhealthy service, all from the comfort of your Komodor dashboard.

This offers quick access to all of the pod-level data you`ll need for troubleshooting, including:

  • Overview of all pods running the service
  • Pod details, similar to what you would get with kubectl describe
  • Live view of all events
  • Pod containers’ logs

Our new dahboard in action

However, the value proposition extends beyond comfort and quality-of-life improvements, or even saving precious dev time.

With the ‘Pod Status and Logs’ dashboard we also tackle some of the more painful challenges faced by those putting out fires in production.

What we heard was:

  1. The on-call teams are often running into issues of not having permissions to access production clusters, resulting in delays and miscommunication.
  2. There is an operational advantage in using Komodor as a single source of truth for troubleshooting. (e.g., as opposed to having to pull pod logs from k8s terminal or a log management platform)

And this is where the ‘Pod Status and Logs’ dashboard really (albeit not literally) shines.

By allowing users easy access to pods’ details, events and logs, it ensures that the information will always be available to people who need it, when they need it. This not only eliminates the need for escalation (or the complexity of fragmented tooling) but also – and more importantly – helps establish a baseline for unified cross-team execution.

And this is where the REAL efficiencies start happening, and this time at scale.

Free for all Customers

‘Pod Status and Logs’ dashboard is live and available for free to all Komodor users. To activate it, you can follow the simple steps in this documentation.

Once activated, a “Pods Status and Logs” button will appear in the corner of the ‘Services’ screen, allowing easy access to service pod details.


If you are not using Komodor yet, you can open a free trial account to test-drive our platform and this awesome new feature.

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