The Kubernetes for Humans Podcast 🎙️

The Kubernetes for Humans Podcast 🎙️

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Tried and True Migration to Kubernetes––An Authentic Guide

7 min read

This is the first post in a series that will start with providing an overview of the considerations involved when evaluating a migration to Kubernetes


Kubernetes in Modern Financial Institutions

6 min read

This blog aims to provide decision-makers in the financial sector with a comprehensive understanding of Kubernetes, its relevance in the current digital ecosystem, and practical insights for its deployment in various financial environments.


Komodor Levels Up with New GTM Leadership!

2 min read

This month, Jim Hunnewell has joined us as CRO, and Amy Ariel has joined us as CMO.

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10 KubeCon EU 2024 Talks We’re Excited About  

6 min read

With KubeCon EU 2024 just around the corner and Kubernetes marking its 10-year anniversary, we decided to round up the 10 most exciting, must-see KubeCon sessions that you should definitely not miss!


Team Komodor Does Klustered with David Flannagan (AKA Rawkode)

13 min read

An elite DevOps team from Komodor takes on the Klustered challenge; can they fix a maliciously broken Kubernetes cluster using only the Komodor platform? Let's find out!

Komodor Announces GA of New Kubernetes Cost Optimization Capabilities

2 min read

Enter Komodor’s newly released Cost Optimization Suite. In this blog post, we’ll unpack how this feature-rich addition to the Komodor platform will empower you to optimize costs without sacrificing performance.

Deploying a Golang Application with Kubernetes and Komodor

Deploying a Golang Microservice to Kubernetes

5 min read

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a Golang microservice, package it as a Docker container, deploy it on Kubernetes, and monitor the deployment using Komodor.

Automating Kubernetes Deployments with GitHub Actions

Automating Kubernetes Deployments with GitHub Actions

11 min read

This tutorial takes you through the steps to automate a Kubernetes deployment with GitHub Actions.


Using Helm Dashboard and Intents-Based Access Control for Pain-Free Network Segmentation

6 min read

Learn how to use Komodor's and Otterize's OSS projects in tandem to ease the pain of network segmentation, without the messiness of a Service Mesh.