The Kubernetes for Humans Podcast 🎙️

The Kubernetes for Humans Podcast 🎙️

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Let’s Go Backstage: E2E IDP Tips & Tricks for Platform Engineers

14 min read

In this talk, we'll take a look at why IDPs are gaining popularity, and Backstage has become the OSS tool of choice for building developer platforms.

Komodor Joins Forces with Cisco FSO to Elevate Kubernetes Management to New Heights

2 min read

We're excited to announce our integration with Cisco Full-Stack Observability (FSO). This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Kubernetes Continuous Reliability, bringing together the best of both worlds to redefine Kubernetes management.


Configuration as Code: Everything Developers Need to Know

8 min read

Delve into practical examples demonstrating the application of CaC in Kubernetes and gain a hands-on understanding.

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Striking the Balance: Tips for Enhancing Access Control and Enforcing Governance in Kubernetes

11 min read

This blog post will discuss the balance between developer freedom and organizational governance, highlighting the potential consequences of inadequate Kubernetes control measures.


Boosting Kubernetes Stability by Managing the Human Factor 

8 min read

In this blog, we'll dive into how human error has become a top cause of issues in Kubernetes clusters. We'll analyze the results of key reports, look at specific outage events, and discuss how innovative tools such as Komodor can help solve these problems.

Komodor Announces GA of New Kubernetes Cost Optimization Capabilities

2 min read

Enter Komodor’s newly released Cost Optimization Suite. In this blog post, we’ll unpack how this feature-rich addition to the Komodor platform will empower you to optimize costs without sacrificing performance.

Automating Kubernetes Deployments with GitHub Actions

Automating Kubernetes Deployments with GitHub Actions

11 min read

This tutorial takes you through the steps to automate a Kubernetes deployment with GitHub Actions.


Unveiling Komodor’s Network Mapping Capability

3 min read

Thanks to the power of the open-source community, and our friends over at Otterize, we have now enhanced our K8s offering for developers with another visual aid to streamline operations and troubleshooting.


Using Helm Dashboard and Intents-Based Access Control for Pain-Free Network Segmentation

6 min read

Learn how to use Komodor's and Otterize's OSS projects in tandem to ease the pain of network segmentation, without the messiness of a Service Mesh.