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Sneak-Peek: The Kubernetes for Humans Podcast

Kubernetes for Humans is a podcast focused on K8s for enterprises, adoption challenges, industry trends, innovation, and future predictions. Hosted by ETL Shwartz, Co-Founding CTO at Komodor.

The following is a sneak-peek into the new podcast series we’re launching. In this episode ETL has a geeky conversation with Christoph about all things K8s.

Christoph Held, Cloud Architect at Allianz, is a big enthusiast of Open Source and Kubernetes in particular. His journey with Kubernetes began in 2014, when he became a full-time contributor and took on the leadership of the Dashboard project. Today, in his role at Allianz, Christoph plays a vital part in guiding the company on their cloud journey, leveraging his expertise to build large scale clusters and DevOps solutions.

Stay tuned for more! 🤗