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ValidKube Update: Adding Polaris to Auto-Audit K8s YAMLs

A month and a half ago we released ValidKube, our first OS project that fused the capabilities of three other popular OS tools (kubeval, kubectl-neat and trivy) in a single easy-to-use microsite. Using the microsite, any user could ensure the security and hygiene of their K8s YAML, with just a few clicks of the button, pretty much on the fly.


ValidKube was born out of a straightforward concept and we were happy to see its user-friendly approach resonate almost immediately. In the first 45 days, the microsite was frequented by over 10,000 visitors and received over 230 Github stars, while also generating 17 forks (and counting😉).

One of the highlights was to see Firefly use our project to launch ValidIaC – a sort of “ValidKube for Terraform”. Having someone else take your code and use it to create something new that delivers additional value is what OS is all about.

Getting such an amazing backwind from the community is extremely rewarding, so this is a great opportunity to say a huge “THANKS!” for the support.

ValidKube is a labor of love and the positive attention it’s getting motivates us to double down and work even harder.

Latest Addition: Polaris

With the above in mind, we wanted to announce the expansion of ValidKube’s capabilities with the inclusion of Polaris – a cool OS project by our good friends at Fairwinds that identifies Kubernetes deployment errors and ensures that your workloads are configured with best practices in mind.

For this magic to happen, Polaris runs a series of checks that audit the YAML manifests and identifies configuration issues, which is exactly what happens if you use it to audit the YAML within ValidKube.

For those interested, the Polaris project also offers a dashboard, a command-line tool you can run locally, and an admission controller that can be set to the auto-reject workload that doesn’t pass certain criteria. Information about all of these, and more, is available at https://github.com/FairwindsOps/polaris.

Here’s to a First of Many

Adding Polaris is just the first of many updates we have planned for the coming months, as we keep making ValidKube better and more useful for developers.

Encouraged by the great acceptance it got, we are already starting to brainstorm about our next OS project(s) and ways to expand our collaboration with the Kubernetes community.

Want to help us make ValidKube better? Visit here  https://github.com/komodorio/validkube  and start contributing!