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The Kubernetes for Humans Podcast 🎙️

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How to Troubleshoot Kubernetes with Confidence – 2021 Cloud-Native Days Summit

8 min read

At the 2021 Cloud-Native Days Summit our CEO Ben Ofiri gave a talk on how to troubleshoot Kubernetes with confidence. Check it out here.


New ‘Pod Status and Logs’ Dash Saves Time and Unifies Execution

2 min read

‘Pods Status and Logs’ enables you to quickly drill down in the pods of an unhealthy service, all from the comfort of your Komodor dashboard.

VCs are Betting Big on Kubernetes: Here are 5 Reasons Why

4 min read

Kubernetes is becoming the new Linux. Here are five reasons why we see a surge of more startups in this space.

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LaunchDarkly Integration: Feature Flag Aware Troubleshooting

3 min read

LaunchDarkly integration enables us to leverage information from canary deployments for more efficient troubleshooting.

How Culture Impacts Technology Choice: A Review of Netflix’s Use of Microservices

7 min read

To achieve success with technical architecture, you also need to “engineer your culture”. Learn about the pillars of Netflix's tech transformation.

June 2021: Kubernetes & Komodor are Birthday Buddies!

2 min read

June 2021 marks Komodor’s very first birthday and Kubernetes’ 7th anniversary! In So, what’s next for Kubernetes? Read more to find out!


New Feature: Gain a System-wide View with ‘Komodor Events’

3 min read

Today we are rolling out our new ‘Events’ feature that offers a panoramic view of

We Raised $25Million to Redefine Kubernetes Troubleshooting

3 min read

We are on a mission to make troubleshooting easy and worry-free so that developers can focus on what matters most: creativity and innovation.


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Learned to Love WFH

4 min read

As many organizations gradually return to semi-normalcy, and start working from their offices again, it’s