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The Kubernetes for Humans Podcast 🎙️

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Tales from the Shift : An On-Call Duty Horror Story

2 min read

[BASED ON A TRUE STORY] It’s a cold gloomy night, and Sarah, a full-stack

Context and visibility

Context and visibility – It’s not all about the code

4 min read

While working everything as code is what the future may hold, context and visibility are

Solving “Fatal: Not A Git Repository” (Or Any Of The Parent Directories) Error

8 min read

A Git repository is a collection of files and information regarding past changes made in

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Komodor beta: calling all k8s users

1 min read

It’s official our Komodor beta program is now OPEN to everyone, and we’re calling all

Empower your Dev team – A short guide for DevOps leaders

5 min read

5 steps for transferring on-call rotation from DevOps to Development Historically, DevOps, or more generally

On-call duty? We feel your pain

4 min read

It’s 3 AM. You’re the developer on call and you get woken up by an

Kubernetes day two operations – part II

3 min read

In our last post, we laid out the challenges facing organizations in keeping their microservices

Alert Fatigue – A practical guide to managing alerts

4 min read

Alerts are everywhere: we get them from messaging apps, email, and social accounts – even

Kubernetes day two operations – part I

2 min read

Avoiding microservices mess over the long run Long before the COVID-19 pandemic made remote work